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Apps & Games

We provides consulting services for turning your app vision into a reality. We're ready to help whatever your needs may be: iOS, Android, or Web.

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Mobile Payments

A simple, robust way to accept payments or enable buying from almost anywhere in your mobile app or online.

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Mobile Marketing

We are result oriented mobile advertising/marketing company that helps your business make practical advertising decisions.

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About us

Sysfonet Resources established in year 2007 as an information and communication technologies professional.

Our principal business activity is in the development and provision of advanced technology services and products, ranging from development, marketing and payment gateway.

As time goes on, we provide a wider range of technologies services and solutions to suit the needs of our customers whether they are in businesses, entrepreneur or organization that interested to utilize the information and communication technologies as part of their managerial and operational tools.

Moving forward, Sysfonet Resources will continuously improve and develop its existing skills to serve the latest services in market, emphasize on investment in the research and development of new technologies. We will continue to enhance our current portfolio of products and services in order to increase and maintain our attractiveness to our existing and potential customers.

Mobile App Development

The Android mobile market is increasing at an exceptional rate. This strength has challenged the concordat; as a result, the demand for a professional android application development company is on the growth. With the phenomenal numbers of android devices in the market and the global acceptance, it is clear that no businesses can disregard interest of android app development.

We have qualified and expert android developers. They have the ability of delivering high quality solutions to clients. They can satisfy the clients' request by developing custom solutions. Nevertheless of the size and nature of the application, our in-house native developers, develop Android apps particular to your business goals.

Mobile Payments

Digital commerce analysts Slice Intelligence reports that mobile gamers spend an average of $87 on in-app purchases, putting them only $5 behind what PC and console players pay, on average, for gaming entertainment.

An in-app purchase (IAP) is something bought from within an application, typically a mobile app running on a smartphone or other mobile device. Such as in-game items, virtual currency, expansion packs, upgrades, magazine issues, consumables, and more.

You can quickly be up and running, ready to give billions of mobile users the ability to purchase engaging digital product with our digital product store solution. We handles the details of purchase flow, payment processing, receipts, and rights management for the purchasable content. With unique receipt identifiers, the IAP API enables you to easily ensure that customers receive purchased in-app items quickly, as well as track transactions and fulfillment.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile ads are quickly becoming a key component of digital campaigns. As more people view sites and apps through a tablet or mobile phone nowadays.

Promote your apps with the world’s top publishers, paying only for actual installs, not for impressions or clicks.

Sysfonet Resources RTB Platform gives mobile advertisers access to custom design, media buying, and real-time campaign optimization services that communicate and evolve throughout the life of the campaign, dramatically increasing performance as well as reducing overall cost.

Our Conversion Tracking Tool is a revolutionary new product that dramatically increases mobile campaign performance for advertisers of all types. It utilizes advanced learning algorithms to reduce cost per acquisition while simultaneously increasing campaign volume.


Sysfonet Resources focuses on developing cross-platform mobile apps and sophisticated online game worlds. We offer a variety of solutions for your online game development needs.

  • Browser based games using Adobe® Flash® technology
  • Mobile games using Adobe® AIR® technology
  • Cross platform HTML5 mobile apps
  • Android native apps development
  • iOS native apps development
  • High performance Java™ server technology
  • Single or multiplayer game solutions
  • Social and viral games
  • Simple or complex virtual worlds
  • Tasteful and up-to-date graphic design

App Server Services

We also developed our app server platform. Some of the features are:

  • Running open cloud infrastructure
  • With JAVA™ technology, can run on any platform
  • Highly configurable and flexible
  • Fast response time
  • Smart data distribution
  • A single instance handles up to 700 concurrent players
  • Multiple instances can be run on the same machine
  • Threaded architecture for multi-CPU systems
  • Unlimited room support
  • Dynamic (User-defined) room management


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